Victoria Station Capacity


The project objective is to reduce pedestrian congestion and improve passenger experience through the enlargement of the station’s gatelines. Fereday Pollard’s scope included a validation exercise of the previous proposals and the development of the
scheme through the Detailed Design stage. Proposals include a significant increase in gateline provision with new gantries overhead which accommodate new signage and associated lighting and equipment, in addition to the provision of plantrooms and retail

The project has required significant design co-ordination with all design disciplines and 3rd party suppliers such as Cubic who will provide the gateline equipment. The project design has also needed to meet very stringent security requirements with proposals
needing very careful development to suit existing site conditions and constraints.

Handling over 70 million passengers per annum pre pandemic, Victoria Station is the second busiest railway station in the UK, therefore the design and phasing of the construction has been an important consideration ensuring the station can remain open
throughout the works. The project has recently started on site and on completion will provide a coordinated, modern and smart solution for passengers transitioning between concourse and platforms at Victoria Station.

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