Our team

We are a dedicated and skilled group of professionals who come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, with diverse experiences and expertise that enrich the practice

Image of Chris Pollard

Chris Pollard

Managing Director
Image of Clare Donnelly

Clare Donnelly

Image of Jan Kroes

Jan Kroes

Image of Chris McCarthy

Chris McCarthy

Image of Graham Gilmour

Graham Gilmour

Senior Project Architect
Image of John Attwood

John Attwood

Senior Project Architect
Image of Rhys Roberts

Rhys Roberts

Senior Architect
Image of John Barkman

John Barkman

Senior Architect
Image of Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox

Senior Landscape Architect
Image of Richard Lindley

Richard Lindley

Senior Architectural Designer
Image of Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes

Project Manager
Image of Elyssa Byrne

Elyssa Byrne

Image of German Santa-Maria Martin

German Santa-Maria Martin

Landscape Architect
Image of Matt Hill

Matt Hill

Senior Architectural Technologist
Image of Ben Craggs

Ben Craggs

Image of Wei Shi

Wei Shi

Image of Victoria Smith

Victoria Smith

Architectural Assistant Part 2
Image of Oliver Ansell

Oliver Ansell

Architectural Assistant Part 2
Image of Grant Beaumont

Grant Beaumont

Architectural Assistant Part 2
Image of Charlie Hudson

Charlie Hudson

Architectural Assistant Part 1
Image of Helena Vaughan

Helena Vaughan

Practice Manager