Hither Green Station

In 2021 Fereday Pollard were invited to tender a GRIP 3 AfA scheme for Hither Green Station. Fereday Pollard with Arcadis proposed an alternative tender scheme which considered a more efficient and elegant solution.

Further to a series of post tender meetings and a presentation to Network Rail's Design Advisor Panel, the Arcadis, Fereday Pollard design team were awarded the GRIP 4 / 5 design and secured Permitted Development in April 2023. The scheme provides a 100m long bridge which offers step free access from both adjoining streets and all six platforms. The scheme will also create a much improve passenger experience which celebrates the qualities of the site which can be summarised as follows; the scheme has a minimal impact on the green corridors and the nature reserve (between platforms 4 and 5) and will enable the green corridor to be reinstated further to the works. The design provides a consistent design approach to the scheme, the arrangement offers intuitive and clear passenger wayfinding and provides order to the extensive station complex. The proposed new entrances will be more legible (than the current station entrances) and integrated more comfortable into the adjoining streetscape.
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