Silvertown Tunnel

Architectural and DCO support for the proposals to build the Silvertown Tunnel, linking the Greenwich Peninsula and Silvertown.


Fereday Pollard developed designs with Atkins and TfL for the Silvertown Tunnel, Portal, Buildings and associated structures.

The overarching design principles are:

• Celebrate functional components through articulation of portals and associated structures and create potentially iconic landmark structures

• Embedding public art into built fabric to be experienced by all

• Integrate landscape to tie the Scheme into it’s surrounding context and provide new surface linkages

• Connect communities that are isolated or severed by the existing road infrastructure through appropriate mitigation

• Sensitive lighting that not only fulfils a functional requirement, but also brings interest and enhances townscape at night specifically in respect of improved pedestrian and cycle lanes

• Use quality materials that would be robust and through innovative application and use can become instantly recognisable

• Acknowledge that this is in an area of change and the Scheme needs to be future proofed to an evolving urban context.

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